CHILDREN, YOUTH, YOUNG-ADULT & COLLEGE – Our young children and early-aged groups brings life to our congregation and will carry the tradition of Christian living for the future generation.


CHILDREN: These young ages of toddlers and preschoolers to grade 6 level also takes part in our worship to God. Sunday daycare and children’s bible school is provided during worship.


YOUTH: Consist of teenage adolescents 12 to 18 years of age, this ministry is important transitioning to early-adulthood members of our church. This group participate in many in-and-off the church activities from regular friendly hang-outs in the mall or get together in local ice cream parlor, to inter-fellowship in Christmas Institute scheduled just after the Christmas.


YOUNG ADULT: This group is mainly consist of high school graduates, college students and early-adulthood members of our community.


COLLEGE GROUP: The college group’s function is to provide morale-support, academic mentoring and spiritual-assistance for our members who are in college or vocational institute. It also outreaches student-members who are in distant schools within California, out-of-state and foreign locations.


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