The college group’s function is to provide morale-support, academic mentoring and spiritual-assistance for our members who are in college or vocational institute. It also outreaches student-members who are in distant schools within California, out-of-state and foreign locations. Its elemental-support primarily gives our under-graduate students with guidance, get-go assistance* and homework solving* to have a smooth learning experience in college life, and it extend to anyone who is/are pursuing beyond certificate or bachelor’s degree. Student candidates should seek mentoring*, from selected church members, that maybe limited or not available in their campus. Also, our mentoring is maybe non-comparable and considerably unique in its own standing.

Fellowship gatherings are to be scheduled or can be arranged when on time-off during long-weekend holidays, Yuletide Season, Spring breaks and summer vacation. Confidential testimony session maybe set available during gathering for any students who would like to share their experiences of learning, fun and even hardship. During each break, a recommended effort will be made to gather all college attendees in a group for their outing or selected group-interest. The College Group is cooperatively joined along with Young-Adult Ministry.

Most importantly, the purpose of this ministry is for our students to keep in-touch and stay within the core function of learning well while worshiping our Creator and His Son Jesus.

The Young Adult Praise Band maybe set or invited for a special worship during college/school break.

For scheduled College & Young-Adult gatherings, or request mentoring or any assistance – please contact the following:

Prince Pableo, College-Group Coordinator
or call the office at (619)477-2741

* Assistance may be varied and require more than one volunteer. Respondence may depend in availability but will be given with best effort of timely manner.


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