We are proud by not only making fellowship among fellow methodists, but we are proud in getting involved with other denominations in providing help to people in need to our community and in celebrating events showing our love to God.  We believe that we Christians should be ‘one for all’ in praising our God.

The following community activities are considered among the interfellowship we participate in:

Interfaith Shelter Network: a county-wide program, participated by various denominations including non-Christians, that provides help to homeless individuals and families.

Interfaith Shelter Network banner

There is also the annual Sunrise Community Worship held every Easter Sunday at six o’clock in the morning when we invite other Christian denominations in our church to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.  Our congregation takes turn to visit these fellow Christians’ church every other year to celebrate Sunday Easter.

Occasionally, our church members volunteer to the National City’s Community Service Day for clean-up and beautification of our host town.

At the end of each year, we send participating  members of our youth ministry to Christmas Institute to congregate with fellow methodist youths and members of other Christian denominations to broaden knowledge and take pride by praising and loving God.

So we invite you and your love ones to join among us in bible fellowship or Sunday service knowing and loving God.  Also we  may seek volunteers, on a limited basis, to help in our programs like the Interfaith Homeless Shelter and yearly Community Luncheon held on a Tuesday during Thanksgiving week… or we simply ask you to spread the news about these programs to the people who needed these kinds of help.

To know more about us, drop us a message, call (619) 477-2741 or look more in this website.  May the love and glory of God be with you.



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