Our diversified ministries enable us to give focus more on special interests of each individuals or group alike – then bringing all these shared interests that lead us as ‘one’ to show our love to God. This way, it will devise creativity upon members who will present their group in activities that produces good learning and stewardship dedicated to God.


UNITED METHODIST MEN: A newly but boldly established ministry consist of men who aim to build strong foundation to our congregation.


UNITED METHODIST WOMEN: Consist of women who thrive giving-hands in helping our congregation through stewardship.  This ministry  is second-to-none in accomplishments and has proven many contributions in the past.


SENIOR ADULT MINISTRY: Our golden, wisdom-filled members of the congregation.


CARE TEAM: This ministry provides comfort, prayer, visitation, company and meditation for the ones who needed help in boosting well-being and heath morale. If any love ones, relatives and/or friends is in need for this care, please contact the office at (619) 477-2741 and request for the care team.


MUSIC MINISTRIES: Consist of the Chancel Choir, Young-Adult Praise Band and Handbell Ensemble.


CHILDREN, YOUTH & YOUNG-ADULT: Further sub-group into Children, Youth and Young-Adult.


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