We give an utmost importance in praising and worshiping through music to God.  The Music Ministry have three main groups that accomplish these music’s shout of joy and praises.


CHANCEL CHOIR: A collective of singing members, this is the flagship of our church who brings harmony and praises to our God.  The group is conducted by Rosario Pangilinan and music-accompanied by pianist Noemi Bagasin-Villanueva.


PRAISE BAND: This ministry performs gospel with a touch of modern ballad and soft-rock. It consist a pool of talented members from Youth or Young-Adult ministry who take-up the chancel area and sing-out glorifying praises. Everybody is welcome to see their performance every 3rd Sunday of each month.


HANDBELL CHOIR: A specialized group of music-at-heart people that render and harmonize sound with movements of handbells. Members came from different age-level group: ranging from 4th-grade student, few high-school teenagers and one adult lay-leader. This music ministry is led and under-direction of Jeremy Buenviaje. Currently under reorganization.


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