Prayer Requests

We are grateful to Almighty God for life given to us and should love one another as He commanded to us. We further pray to save us from imminent sickness and dangers. We also pray for those people who are in need of help – people who are longing for care, currently ill and in-grave danger because of their health. We cannot deny nor confirm, for the time may have come for these people to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Also, we also pray the safety of every living individuals in everyday life, and we pray to the Lord that his angels will guard, protect and guide us in every routines we get-in to.

We request prayers the following:

  • Our brothers & sisters to God who are currently in-sickness and bed-bound, that they may gain strength both physically & spiritually – and be relieved without pain
  • Our members serving in the U.S. Military and Allied Forces to settle peace and order to our nation and the rest of the world
  • For the safety of everyone travelling and spreading your will
  • For the rest of world, who are in state of sorrow, grave-emergencies and turmoil – that they may find comfort in their life

And for that, we are grateful for the life God has given us and thankful that His Son Jesus takes part of our daily lives.  Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayers.

For special prayer request, please call our office at (619)477-2741 or send your concerns at the following email-addresses or link:

Please allow a few-amount of time for us to reply to your request… Thank you.


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