A few hint about the SmartPages.

These modes are optimized for smartphone viewing with responsive-layouts and one-thumb scrolling to navigate the menu.

There are two (2) modes to choose in viewing these smartpages in smartphones:

  • View mobile site‘ – this should be the default mode for viewing in smart phones. To enable when viewing in smartphones(if not enabled yet!), scroll all the way down in your smart phone and click View mobile site.

  • View full site‘ – this is the regular proportioned site similar to how you see it in desktop, but the text will turn-out smaller in smart phones than when viewed in ‘mobile site’ mode. This mode is not optimized for viewing in smartphones.  However, smart pages are automatically viewable as a full-site in desktop computers.

Enjoy, explore and find unique contents to our smartpages like the Our Heritage section that gives insightful history from the beginning of the Methodist Church in National City. And find many other interesting features.


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