Video & Photo Gallery

Our video and photo galleries are showcase through our Youtube Channel and Google Plus.

The Youtube videos may be freely seen and available through online.  Most of our videos are musical-oriented based from church performances of our various ministries: Chancel Choir, Children Ministry, Youth, Young-Adult Praise Band, Senior Adult Ministry and including soloist/individuals. Some postings in the future may include sermons from pastor or guest-dignitaries.

Our photo-gallery is stream through our Google+ (or Google Plus) profile. But in order to view these photos, please take time make a Google account, view us and click the Follow button in this URL: Google+ icon can also be click at the bottom.

To view our videos, click the Youtube icon. And to view our photo-gallery*, click the Google+ icon
(* Google Plus account is required)
Disclaimer about our Youtube’s copyright issues
We strive to make our musical covers posted in Youtube to be in public-domain to avoid copyright-claim schemes. And occasionally, we may include covers of newly published songs within the copyright timed-frame scrutiny. Some claims of third-parties are fully considered as justified, but others’ claim are incomprehensible and deemed to be illegitimate. Some writers, composers and publishers of our covers of newly available and publicized songs are lenient and considerable. So newly posted videos are considered to be in pending for permanent post due to claim efforts of these third-parties. Further research will be made to adapt mechanical copyright that will not be exorbitant and against to our non-profit means.


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